Since I made it this far. . .

Since I was a little boy at age 7, I've always wanted to be an artist. To follow my passion, it just took me a while to find what genre or genres to pursue. Even now, my life can be a bit spontanious.

As my first blog post, I will be going into a brief story about my life, after I had choosen to become a visual communicator at age seven. To start, I will begin with my mom, Jerylin Lewis. Jerylin, my mother has her own unique history, but in terms of my developement...let's say that she had always supported me, although her decisions weren't always the best for me. Growing up with my mom is to live a life of never ending change, drama and development. I'm a Californian that had lived in many cities within the state and had known many faces. At the least, I see my life to be interesting in a nice way.

There was a lot of love in my childhood, sometimes too much for my own good. I would be as obediant as much as I was supposed to, but I would also be just as bad. In my most recent memories of childhood, I can remember old street blocks and cracked concreet, as us children would play, you could see the adults sitting in their tented window cars, just talking and exchanging information. Loking at the adults amuse themselves with conversation and buying things from one another, I thought it was useless. I've always seen the average adult to be boring and always hiding what they really feel inside. I never thought to grow old myself and at the age when I had began to notice my own growth into adulthood, I could sit for a small while and become terrified of becoming like the rest.

Year by year, as I grew older and my perseption of my world would expand, would find myself drifting away mentally from my normal demagraphic. I had come to love piano playing, paiting, photography and graphic design. I've even put my hand into modeling for a few years, in Sacramento and only a little in So Cal.

I went from being a shy child, into an ambitious gentleman. There is still much to do, although I have not shared any accomplishemnts thus far. I try to do more than I can remember...

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