Capturing Love

I think that I had too much fun that night.

Capturing the images of Kary and his wife, Solenna Sok's last Valentine's day images had been a blast. Jennifer and I had offered them a session, they came into my room/studio and we went to work. My girlfriend had contributed her skills of creative direction and image composition, while I had the camera and had worked with the lighting. I had also managed to add a few color manipulations into the images. Working with the two lovers had made my night, due to the energy that they braught. We had played with so many poses and to simply see them work together was fun and very inspiring for someone like myself, knowing that love could really take you anywhere. When looking at these images, I'm reminded of the character and aura of connectivity that the two had shared with the lense. Their confidence in one another provoked a photogenic image and made working with them very easy. It was at that moment when I had found, capturing love can do something amazing to you. Their eyes showed me youth, wisdom and confidence. I am happy to share this moment with you.

#love #photography #valentines #together

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